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Virtual Museum is a web application which is also
a part of a bigger project including VR goggle experience, touch screen app, mobile app and audio experience. Virtual guests have the opportunity to learn about three unique stories: Chorzów from a bird’s eye view, Close and the closest, Ruch Chorzów.

The time it takes to start the application depends on the speed and performance of the computer and internet connection.

This may take up to several minutes.

The „Virtual Museum” project was funded by the Civic Budget of Chorzów 2020

Team implementing the project:

Dr. Sławomir Kałuża, Dr. Dawid Keller (coordinator),
Dr. Jacek Kurek, Dr. Janusz Mokrosz, Agnieszka Tybur, Piotr Zając

Cooperation: Tomasz Owoc, Joanna Świerczyńska,
Rafał Zaremba, Łukasz Żółciak

Concept: Superskrypt sp. z o. o. sp. k.
Proofreading: Na Marginesach Katarzyna Solecka
Realization: Giant Lazer Sp. z o.o.

Scenario autors:

The city from a bird`s eye view – Dr. Dawid Keller
Close, the closest – Dr. Jacek Kurek, Agnieszka Tybur, Piotr Zając
„Ruch” Chorzów – Dr. Sławomir Kałuża,
cooperation Tomasz Owoc

The project uses iconographic materials from the collections or authorship of:

Museum of Metallurgy in Chorzów (including by Piotr Oleś), National Digital Archives, East News, Polish Press Agency, Piotr Naliwajko, Maciej Niesłony, Chorzów Cultural Center, Departament of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the City Hall Chorzów, State Archives
in Wroclaw, Wielki Ruch Stowarzyszenie Kibiców Ruchu Chorzów.

The project includes references to external materials, including the National Film Archive (



Muzeum Hutnictwa w Chorzowie
41–500 Chorzów, ul. Metalowców 4a
tel. 32 704 96 30

Oddział Historii Miasta i Regionu
41–500 Chorzów, ul. Powstańców 25
Tel.: 32 241 31 04

NIP – 6272776031
REGON – 520830354

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Mobile apps


VR app and audio version

To experience the application on VR goggles, please visit the Museum in person.To download the application for HTC Vive and Vive Pro, click here.

Version for website readers

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